My favourite home machine

favourite machine sewing sewing machine

A frequent question I get is "What is your favourite sewing machine?"
This is a loaded question, because I love my industrial Juki and could never return to a home machine full time, but in terms of home machines, the answer is easily the Singer heavy Duty. 

Over the years I had owned over 10 at one time for training contractors. There are several models, some with more functions. Functions like the needle threader and decorative stitches. To be honest, I don't really need these functions in shoe making, so the base model is perfect for me (4411, 4423, 4453 etc).
My first loyal Singer HD put up with daily abuse, and some days I had her running for 10 hours a day. She worked with me for 5 solid years before finally giving in. 

So if you're looking for a cost effective machine that can go through multiple layers and take some abuse, the Singer HD is for you! 

singer heavy duty
I've still always kept one for back up for when my industrial is out of commission, but my industrial is a work horse, so my 8yr old daughter uses it mostly. It's so simple to use that she figured it out pretty quickly and loves making doll clothes with it. It can be used for something so delicate and small like doll clothing, but also handles thick materials like a champ. I can go through 5 layers of ultrasuede without even a skipped stitch. 
It's the toughest home machine I've ever worked with, and I know you'll love it for your boot making journey too!